They say that common cold is most uncommon to treat. So true! How much ever medicines we try, be it allopathic, homeopathic or ayurveda, once it attacks it is bound to stay for 3-4 days.  Some studies show that with every season change, 65% of the population is affected by common cold. What if we can prevent it in first place to avoid the discomfort & irritability caused by common cold?

Here are 5 simple ways to prevent common cold

Vitamin A

We fall prey to infections & allergies like common cold due to our weak immune system. Our body has its own defence mechanism to fight the diseases & allergies. In simple terms it is called immunity. Vitamin A is the key to boost one’s immunity. Regular intake of vitamin A through food is very important to prevent not only common cold but other diseases like viral infection & bad stomach as well. All yellow & orange fruits, vegetables & green leafy veggies are rich sources of vitamin A.  So make sure to eat more of pumpkin,carrots, banana, ripe papaya & leafy veggies like spinach, coriander and Fenugreek. These fruits & veggies will not only boost your immunity, but will also give you bright eyes & radiant skin as bonus!

Holy Basil

In the Hindu tradition, planting a Tulsi sapling in the front courtyard of house is utmost important. It has a rather deeper meaning than just a religious belief. The entire plant of Tulsi right from its roots to leaves has medicinal properties. Tulsi is an excellent herb to prevent & fight outbreak of common cold. It is a boon for our respiratory tract. Chewing on just 4-5 Tulsi leaves a day every morning would aid in preventing most of the respiratory tract infections along with common cold. Tulsi not only gives us strength to fight out cold but it helps you curb bad breath & boost your digestive power. May goddess Tulsi bless thou too!


Ginger is commonly used spice to add more flavour to food. But ginger is known to have many medicinal properties as well.  To help prevent common cold just add grated ginger to your morning cuppa of hot tea or ginger juice to your green or lemon tea. Or take honey & ginger with warm water to sooth your throat. Sun Dried & powdered ginger is also used along with honey to keep common cold at bay. Ginger buried under the soil where a Tulsi sapling is planted is said to have great anti viral, anti bacterial properties & a tonic for our respiratory tract. A combination of rain pouring down your window pane & a super hot Ginger Chai is nothing less than blessing! You enjoy the rains & ginger will take care of your throat!


Eucalyptus first came to Indian subcontinent with British rulers & now it is seen everywhere adorning streets with its murmuring leaves.  Eucalyptus stems & leaves are effective remedies in fighting the outbreak of common cold. Just put two drops of eucalyptus oil in a bucket full of water while taking bath or just keep a clean handkerchief with two drops eucalyptus oil on it with you, if you are in office and know that there are few colleagues, who have fallen prey to common cold. The distinct aroma of the oil will keep you fresh, while the eucalyptus acting as your shield against the germs. The key is when you constantly inhale eucalyptus it clears your respiratory tract from all the infections. Remember there were news reports of eucalyptus oil going out of stock while recent outbreak of swine flu? According to doctors, that was the safest & cheapest method to keep the infection at bay.


There are people who simply cannot stand the raw smell of garlic while there are others who are ready to eat it even on its own. You like it or not, garlic is an integral part of our culinary tradition & also popular as a home remedy. In some parts of India to save children from outbreak of cold, garlic pods were beaded in a thread & tied around the child’s neck as necklace. They served same purpose as eucalyptus as a natural inhaler, but are gentler on sensitive respiratory tracts of children.  Studies show that regular intake of garlic through food can prevent common cold by 15%.

It is Needless to say that a proper diet & exercise along with all these easy to follow remedies will keep you in pink of your health, when it comes to common cold. So forget worries of runny nose or sore throat & pack your bags to enjoy summers on tropical beach or to walk down a hill in torrential rains or to ski on snowy peaks of Alps or Himalayas during winter break.

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